Nidstang aims to get the World on Wheels by promoting all of the gnarly, jaw-dropping hammers and mind-blowing tekkers from the world of action sports! 🌎

👟 It doesn’t matter what’s under your feet, we believe the world is more fun in motion.


Have you got an awesome edit to share? Some cool pictures? An update for the site? Or any questions or statements in general just give us a shout!

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Nidstang care about the environment so we try to be as eco friendly as we possibly can (although there’s always room for improvement) and operating from our home offices and printing our clothing on demand reduces our carbon footprint by an awful lot, and we only colloborate with trusted companies that have a positive focus on the environment and ethical human rights.


Our aim is not just to put the world on wheels, or to prove that life is better in motion, but to be a positive influence on the Action Sports culture as a whole, so that we can all support each other and grow as a collective.


We work inhouse and also with industry artists to create our designs so if you’re interested in working with us just drop us a message!


The long-term goal for us at Nidstang is just to create a space where all our sports can gather in place respectfully to hang out and chill, and to also learn some new tricks and show the world what you’ve got! We will host a forum to support with this and also a trickionairy on the website to see what’s possible and you can learn your next trick. We are in the process of mapping out the UK skateparks, so if your local park isn’t listed and you fancy helping us out, you can send us an email too describing the place, where it is on google maps with postcode and send a few images and videos over and we will update as soon as we can. Eventually, we’d love to open up an Indoor Skatepark and Freerunning complex here in the UK, comparable to the Woodward Camps in America, or SMP in China, but this is a BIG dream so for now so stay tuned and keep those fingers crossed!


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Stay Gnarly and keep on Shredding!