The World on Wheels.

Our aim at Nidstang is to bring the world of action sports together and unite the sports that make us stand out. Whether you Blade, Skate, BMX, Scoot, Freerun or do anything else that gets the adrenaline in you pumping we are all for it!

Current Goals;

  1. We are working on a Skatepark Map of the UK and a page for each spot so you can see where it is and what it looks like before planning your next trip.
    Street spots will be next.
  2. A Trickionairy is currently in the works, so soon you will have a complete list of tricks and some tips on how to do them!
    Inline trick list will be dropping first.
  3. Clothing and artwork is being designed so stay tuned for our sick threads to drop soon!

The ultimate goal for Nidstang to achieve is to open a massive indoor skatepark in the UK and also hold regular competitions and events for multiple sports.
The World on Wheels.
Stay Gnarly. Keep Shreddin’. Life is better in Motion.


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Nidstang cares about the environment so we try to be as eco-friendly as we possibly can (although there’s always room for improvement) and operating from our home offices and printing our clothing on demand reduces our carbon footprint by an awful lot, and we only collaborate with trusted companies that have a positive focus on the environment and ethical human rights.

We work in-house and also with industry artists to create our designs so if you’re interested in working with us just drop us a message!

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