Nidstang is working on a complete list of all the Skateparks within the UK, so you can see all the gnarliest places closest to you, or you can use this map to plan your next skate road trip!

Where we can, we have noted down car parking and nearest points of interest for food, toilets, local features etc.

This map is not yet completed but I have left some notes below the map so you can see the progress.

Red = Outdoor Skatepark

Blue = Indoor Skatepark

Bracknell skateparks have been mapped just need a few pictures for Crown Wood and Birch Hill spots.

Currently working on the CANVAS Spaces Skateparks to our map.

Berkshire and Indoor Skateparks to come next, followed by London then the rest of the UK, inc. Scotland and NI.

Nearby Skate spots feature possibly to be added at a later date.

Is your local skatepark not listed? We could be working on it now or it could be next on our list, however to help us speed things along contact us at with the Skatepark Name, Google Maps/Bing location, some pictures/videos, who built it etc as many details as possible.

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