Aldershot Skatepark

Aldershot Skatepark, Manor Park, Aldershot, Hampshire
GU11 3TZ

Aldershot is a nicey sized Public, Outdoor, Concrete Skatepark located roughly in middle of the playing field at Manor Park. Designed and built by Fearless Ramps in 2013 this park has some nice features for all skill levels to try something on!

There are different sized Quarter Pipes at both ends of the Spine and Jump Box section, a flatbank that goes over into a little street-plaza-styled area with a Roller and small fun box area, and next to the roller is a small grind ledge to practice some simple grinds on. There is also an open 3/4 bowl and a small quarter pipe on this side to add some extra elements to the park.

Parking available near Church Hill and the A323 High Street.
Public Toilets are here at the start of the field closer to the High Street, and then if you need to refuel, eat or drink the local shops are just on the other side of the road from the toilets.

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