Clarence Park Skatepark

Clarence Park, Royal Ave, Bury

Outdoor Public Concrete Skatepark opened in 2024 and built by CANVAS Spaces.

Clarence Park Skatepark features; a Manual pad, Round-Rail, Ledge, Bank to a long Round-Rail, 2 Jump Boxes (one is more of a Spine), a few different sized Quarterpipes (one of these has a Sub-Box on top of it, and another one has a Curb) and there are also a couple of Flatbanks on opposite sides of the long Round Rail.

There is parking available at the Clarence Park Car Park (Just off Royal Ave/Milner Ave) here: Royal Ave, Bury BL9 6LL. The skatepark is a minute or 2 walk from the car park, next to the Lido.

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Coming soon! This Skatepark opened March 2024.

Skatepark Builder: CANVAS Spaces

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