Hanworth / Dryden Woods Skate Spot

Dryden, Great Hollands, Bracknell, Easthampstead
RG12 7RQ

You can find this small skate spot at the back of The Pines Primary School. I wouldn’t really classify this spot as a skatepark, as it only has two/three ramps and a rail. However it is a good spot for new beginners to try their hands at the basics like; dropping in; learning to grind; and even has a small gap to start boosting that confidence. Dryden can be a chill spot for the local intermediate riders too if Mill Pond Skatepark get’s busy, but remember this spot is next to a school, and near a play area so beware of the younger children and parents that cross through some times.

Dryden Woods Play Area has 3 features;

  • Quarter Pipe (about 4/5ft high)
  • Two flatbank style launch ramps (Both ramps are about 2ft wide and long, and about 10″ tall. The gap is only about 10″ long too.)
  • A kinked grind-rail (About 6ft long, tallest part is about 1ft off the floor).

Best option for parking is somewhere on Dryden road and walking down.

Skatepark Gallery


There are two more similar skate spots like this around Bracknell;

Bracknell Town Council Website: https://bracknelltowncouncil.gov.uk/recreation-facilities/council-sites/listing/dryden-woods

These skate ramps were designed by Urban Ramps: