Fifth Plaza, Melksham Skatepark

Fifth Skatepark (Melksham Skatepark), King George V Park, Melksham
SN12 7PA

Outdoor Public Concrete Skatepark built and opened in 2017 by CANVAS Spaces.
You can follow the Facebook page for park updates here:

Parking available near Melksham Scout Group SN12 6LP. There is a Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Domino’s, Chop Suey House (Chinese), Sultan (Indian) along the A3102 within walking distant of the park if you are feeling hungry and need a bite to eat, or pop over to the Sainsbury’s Petrol Station (SN12 6LL) nearby if you need to refuel.

Skatepark Gallery


You can check out the full skatepark details for (Fifth Plaza) Melksham Skatepark on the CANVAS Spaces website, who designed and built the park: