Hook Skatepark (Hartletts Park)

Hook Community Centre, Ravenscroft
Hook, RG27 9NN

Outdoor Public Concrete Skatepark built in 2023 by CANVAS Spaces. Replacing the old metal ramps that were in the same spot.

Equipped with Quarter Pipes, Ledges, a Manual Pad, Flat Round Rail, Flat Banks, an open Bowl section, Jump Box, Spine, Rollover, Mini-Quarter Pipe, a Downrail, a Stairset with 3 steps, a Hubba, and a bunch transitions that are blended in throughout the whole park to give even more creativity in your runs. A somewhat small, but very enticing skatepark that is suitable for riders of any skill level as there is a ramp or something here that anyone could practice on.

The park is open to ride for everyone now, but there is an Official Opening Event by Hook Parish Council coming soon! Sunday 3rd September 2023! Check the link on facebook for more: Skate Park Official Opening Event

For parking, follow the Ravenscroft road down past the Hook Community Centre and there is a car park, with the skatepark just in front!

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