Hungerford Skatepark

Bulpit Ln, Hungerford
RG17 0AX

A new Public, Outdoor, Concrete Skatepark replacing the old metal park at Hungerford. Designed and built by Maverick Skateparks, and opened in September 2023. A nice beginner friendly skatepark with lots of fun features to learn something sick on!

Hungerford Skatepark features a street section which includes a round rail on a flat bank, a ledge, a small euro-gap, and a hubba ledge, situated between 2 long quarters. There is a 4ft tall miniramp section with an extension on one of the sides, but the coolest looking area in the park has to be the concrete pump track with all sorts of bumps/rollerovers and a flat-topped jump box.

A nice little park worth visiting if you’re local to the area!

Parking available next to the Skatepark here.

For Skatepark updates check out the Hungerford Town Council’s Facebook page!

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