Mytchett Skatepark

 Willow Close, Mytchett, Camberley, Surrey
GU16 6JE

Mytchett is a public outdoor skatelite-built skatepark on a tarmac floor. The park, built by Fearless Ramps re-opened again in July 2022, replacing the old skatepark with a similar layout but it had a jump box, a taller grind box, and was made of metal.

The mini-pipe is very smooth (at time of writing), it’s about 4ft tall with a 5ft extension on the far side. The park also features a 4ft quarter, that leads into a 3ft fun box with a round-rail down the middle, and a 5ft flatbank at the end.

The fun box has flatbanks at either end, but one of the sides has a 1ft step-down into the bank. It’s a round rail that goes all the way, up, across and down, and its solid in the middle, so there’s no chance you’re going to crash into the support leg of a rail.

Parking is available near the Mytchett Bowling Club, just follow the road up towards the park and there you are. The Bowling Club and Tennis Courts are on the right, there’s a playpark in front for the little ones, and the skatepark is just behind that. Not even a minute walk away from the car.

There are no w/c or toilets nearby, but there is a pub at the end of Hamesmoor Road about 5-10 minute walk away if it’s open…

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