Pitt St Skatepark

315 Commercial Rd, Portsmouth

Pitt St is an Indoor “Supermarket-turned-skatepark”. An old Sainsbury’s has been transformed into an Indoor Haven for wheeled sports!

The skatepark features some interesting obstacles and even has a Roller-Rink!

Pitt St features some wooden Quarter Pipes, Flatbanks, Ledges, a Vert Wall, Round Rails, a concrete Flatbank and Volcano. Then comes the concrete Manny Pad (with a Kicker to Gap over the metal fence) and a Curb. Around a supporting beam has this cool Slanted Quarter-Pipe/Box type feature.

There is a Fun Box with a Round rail that goes across and down it. Another cool obstacle is the long Flatbank/Ledge with mini roller attached in the middle. Last but not least is a nice long Mini-Ramp!

There is on-site parking, a shop and Pitt St Kitchen for when you get hungry. If you’re looking to learn some new Inline, BMX, or Skateboard moves, then Pitt st also have “Academy of Wheels” sessions which is a coaching programme to help enhance your skills.

Visit the Pitt Street website for opening times, prices, events and hire etc: https://pittstskatepark.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pittstreetskatepark @pittstreetskatepark
Facebook: www.facebook.com/undercoverskateparkproject

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