Thame Skatepark

Thame Skatepark, Meadow View Park, Tythrop Way, Thame

Outdoor Public Concrete Skatepark designed and built in 2016 by Wheelscape.

Thame features an interesting bowl, starting with a shallow section with a spine/volcano section, then a jumpbox with 3 transitions (the side is a steep quarter, but rideable) and a larger deeper section at the end of the bowl. Take a look at the pictures, it’s a gnarly looking bowl with lots of bits – interesting and fun to ride!

The rest of the park is layed out like a plaza / street section with some small ledges and rails, a cool Round A-Frame rail over a flatbank-gap-flatbank section/funbox. There are some other awesome features here like Pole-Jams, down rails (mostly square), down-ledges, normal ledges amongst other things.

At the end of the park are two large quarters with a big gap in the middle.

Great little park to check out if you’re in the area for sure! The skatepark isn’t located in the best spot though as it sits right next to a sewage plant which doesn’t smell all the time, but it’s worth noting.

Parking available right next to the skatepark were the Thame Football Partnership is, but it is private land and they shut they gate at varying times – They were polite enough to walk over and ask if we had cars parked here before closing up. Or alternatively to save the hassle of potentially moving you can park just opposite the road/skatepark on Edgehill or Roundhead Drive, and cross over the road.

Need the toilet, a bite to eat, or something to drink? There is a service area just a few minutes away, which has a Petrol Station with a Greggs and Subway inside, a Burger King in another building, and also a Travelodge, just off of Thame Road/B4011. The other nearest Public toilets are available at Cattlemarket Car Park, about 10 minute walk away, here.



Thame Skatepark is maintained and checked by Thame Town Council, you can report damage or leave comments on 01844 312833, or email them at