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Brandon Drummond – Adapt Brutale 2022 First Impressions

NZ Rollerblader and YouTuber, Brandon Drummond skating handmade, custom tailored carbon rollerblades from the company Adapt. “Never thought I’d see the day, but yes, I’m skating adapts” he says cruising through the skatepark.

Brandon was “Super Excited” to try these new skates and whilst rolling around says how very responsive they are. “Feels really good to roll on, and really buttery with the grinds.”

The Adapt Brutales feature a Heat-Mouldable liner that will fit the shape of your feet after they have been put in the oven and then worn; as the material cools down it will fit the exact shape of your feet so they should feel great once broken in (ridden a few times). Watch his latest video to see how he gets on with them!

Brandon say’s he is in these for the long haul and “to see if the payoff is worth it”, so can we expect a follow up soon? Stay tuned for more!

“My first day skating the Adapt Brutale aggressive inline skates. These are handmade skates custom-built to the size of my feet. I’m skating the 2022 version which features a removable “Liner” piece designed to extend the life of the skate. I test them out for groove and soul tricks on rail and ledge. This is not a review just my first impression. Learn more about the skates here:… Massive thank you to Adapt for sending me these skates to test out. I am very grateful for the opportunity and feel extremely lucky. Buy my Sweatshirt… Follow me on Twitch Support the channel by… Subscribing to my YouTube Channel Watching my “How to Rollerblade Series” Shopping at Laced NZ (My merch) Becoming a YouTube Member, getting access to perks… And follow me on all other social media linked below Music by Kelvin Wong…“- Brandon Drummond


Brandon Drummond

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