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Creature Skateboards – The End of the Year is Near! Nailing the Coffin Shut on 2023

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“Subscribe: / creaturefiends  As we put the final nail in the coffin on 2023 and turn the page to 2024, let’s look back one last time and remember some of the heaviest and most memorable moves that graced the CreachTube this year! We surprised Jhanka with his Pro board, introduced Sheezy to the Horde, the Boneheads BBQ’d the world, Sota and Yurin dropped epic parts from Japan, Kevin Walsh reflected on 11 years of making Creature graphics, Gravette went fishing(shocking).. and much more. Watch the Full 2023 Playlist HERE:    • 2023 WRAPPED   LURK WITH US: Shop:… YouTube:    / creaturefiends   Instagram: / creaturefiends   Facebook: / creatureskat.  . Twitter: / creaturefiends #CreatureSkateboards #Skateboarding #CreachTube” – Creature Skateboards


Creature Skateboards

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