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Parkour on Wheels

Eugen Enin is back with another super-dope video that combines Parkour with Rollerblading. Never failing to impress, Enin fully utilizes his environment and lets his creativity unroll with each street spot, making sure to leave his mark. To the older rollerblading heads, this footage will remind you of the days of Dustin Latimer releasing unique tricks that would blow your mind, and this will be no different.

The German-Ukrainian, that rides professionally for USD, thanks the pros such as Latimer, Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson and the Kelso brothers (to mention a few) as they influenced him a lot as he grew up with skating. Enin says that switch-ups and creative, technical, skating is something that he is inspired by, and that touring massively helps motivates him to keep pushing forward in the scene.

Rollerblading has needed some fresh innovation recently, and Enin definitely delivers that. Watch Freestyle Sessions in 4K here:

“Don’t forget to check their latest Tokyo Project too. Available here:

A few Screen-grabs from the video:


Soul Grind at one of the coolest looking spots!




Phillips 66 to drop


GRABBED ‘Rusty’ Double Negative grind


Royale grind down the kink to Pudslide 180 off


‘Rusty’ Sunny on the curved Kink rail


Fakie 180 AO Top-Soul 180 Out


Eugen Enin:

Daniel Enin:
(Filmer, Editor and also Eugen’s brother)


Be-Mag (Some references from


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