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GATECRASHER: An All-Women’s Parkour Action Film

GATECRASHER is an exciting, all-women’s parkour action film! Almost 40 minutes of the girls absolutely ripping up the streets!

Starring: Tamila Benabdallah, Elise Bickley, Renae Dambly, Lisa Eckert, Rachel Gough, Hazal Nehir, Lilou Ruel, Lisa Schneider and Camila Stefaniu.

“Help this film transform the way people see our sport by leaving a comment and sharing it with your friends, families, and communities. Let’s keep moving the needle forward with the stories we tell in parkour.

From Renae and Lisa:
This film isn’t about gender inequalities or the sexualization of women in Parkour or the experience of being a woman in male-dominated sports. This film is all about highlighting high-class Parkour athletes pushing their boundaries and the boundaries of the sport. Gatecrasher follows 8 female Parkour athletes as they travel through three European cities over the course of three weeks, training, exploring and having a great time.

This film is for the girl in Parkour class looking for role models who send hard. It’s for the athletes needing motivation to explore their city. It’s for the practitioner looking for new ways to move, and for everyone who played with the idea of giving Parkour a try and hasn’t found the courage to do it yet. If you like to move, this film is for you.”

Such a sick project from everyone involved!

GATECRASHER - an all womens parkour action film - Gainer Backlip to slide down the roof
A stylish Gainer Backlip to slide down the roof


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