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“The Idea for this video Project came to be. Because we at GEFAM want to support Video Projects like these. Taking what we could from the clothing sales to pay travel costs for the athletes because we thought this is how it’s going to go for us when we started training. But since there’s almost no Parkour brands supporting these kinds of projects, we felt the need to. Hopefully we can do more of these Videos in the future. When I was explaining the idea to the athletes, I wanted to make a Capst1 type of video but with more of a focus on the Creative Flip side of Parkour. The name CRACKSTONE came to be when everyone was in Frankfurt and, since the city has a bit of a Crack and Heroin Problem, and we didn’t have a name yet. Everyone just started saying Crackstone as a Joke. So we ran with it. If you want to support more of these Projects and of course us at GEFAM Consider picking up some garms  WWW.GEFAM.NET” – GEFAM





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Rollerblader and Action Sports Enthusiast from Berkshire, UK. #Nidstang #TheWorldOnWheels #RollWithoutLimits #LifeIsBetterOnWheels I also run Realm Division - Thought To Thread Clothing.

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