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How to Inline Skate – Beginners Guide by Ricardo Lino

Ricardo Lino is back with a brand new YouTube video, this time teaching beginners how to inline skate!

In this video Ricardo will teach you everything from what types of rollerblades you should use, what protective equipment to get, how to stand up, and also how to fall safely, then to the more fun aspects of blading – including how to skate faster and more!

“Contact me here: How to Skate with Inline Skates – Complete Beginners Course:
00:00 1- Introduction to inline skating 00:57 2- What skates should I Use? 06:12 3- Protections to use for skating 10:10 4- How to tie your skates 12:28 5- Where to skate 13:52 6- How to stand up with Inline Skates 15:23 7- How to sit down with Inline Skates 16:00 8- How to fall with Inline Skates 20:03 9- Basic position for inline skating 21:59 10- How skates work 24:17 11- How to start moving 28:05 12- How to stop with a plow stop 30:43 13- How to stop with a heel brake 33:02 14- How to turn with Inline Skates 34:41 15- How to skate faster 37:12 16- What to do with arms when skating 39:07 17- parallel turn with Inline Skates 43:13 18- conclusion Thanks For Watching “How to Inline Skate – Beginners Guide”. If you enjoyed this, don’t forget to Subscribe. Support this channel and become a Patron today, right here:” – Ricardo Lino


Ricardo Lino

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