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Ilya Savosin is one of the up and coming rollerblading “young guns” ready to tackle the scene in all its glory. The 17-year old has no fear in the streets of Russia as he takes on huge hand-rails and big drops effortlessly, all with a hint of Savosin style. Having just bagged a spot on the Razors Skate Co. team, you can expect even greater things from Ilya in the future!

Check out his Up&Comer release below:

Filmers: Alexey Reznikov, Ignat Popov, Vitaliy Voskresenskiy, Nikita Romanov, Egor Gashnikov, Semen Sorokatiy and Fedor Yudin.

Edited by Ilya Savosin himself.

Check out Ilya and Razors below:

A few Screen-grabs from the video:


Steezy Fishbrain down the Hand Rail.


Huge 180 Safety-Grab down the 14-set.


X-Grind down the rail to Back Royale off the ledge.


Gnarly Front Farv to AO Top Acid switch up.


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