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IQON GEMINI 15s with AM Team Rider Freddy Porter

IQON AM Team Rider, Freddy Porter, and his first session on his all new IQON AG15s. FP has been making quite a name for himself recently showing off his explosive skating style across facebook groups and instagram, and this video for Iqon really shows the hard work and dedication he’s been putting in! It’s a pretty short park edit but filled with a lot of heavy hitting tricks! Looking forward to seeing more of this UK rollerblader in the near future!

“What’s up, world!!! Your friendly neighborhood Rollerblader here with another awesome video! Today, we have a dope edit of our AM Team Rider, Freddy Porter, and his first session on his all new IQON AG15s. Freddy has been training hard to develop his skills, and it really shows throughout this edit. Short and sweet but with powerful skating and style to match! The AG15s are now available worldwide. You can get them directly from our website or go to your local skate shop. We have a shop locator on our website to help you find a skate shop near you. Disclaimer: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RECREATE THE STUNTS SEEN IN THE VIDEO! WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR ANY INJURIES THAT MAY OCCUR IF DONE SO. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR. IQON Brand website:” – IQON BRAND


Freddy Porter


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