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itsNOTmyJOBman – Flat in Love

@itsNOTmyJOBman’s 2-3 years of blading video called Flat in Love. Tay makes Kind Grinds look so easy, and the Front Farv to Alley Oop Grabbed Makio he pulled off is fire 🔥 The ending clip Tay hits a nice 16ish stair handrail with another stylish Grabbed Makio, and through the bush leaves as well!

“Street edit of the end of the 2023 year. This year i had decided i wanted to try skating flat after being gifted a set of kizer 5’s. In my 2 year anniversary video, a lot of the clips were filmed while i was learning how to skate flat in the beginning stages. Towards the middle of the year i got the hang of it, and honestly by the end of 2023 i find myself in love with skating flat. so here we are! There are a lot of things i wanted to do with this video, but as i sat on clips, and my own personal style has developed and progressed. I had the urge to get these clips out and work on the next edit. So here i have a little love letter to flat skating Setup- EE2 Shadows – w/ XS plates on size 9 liner and small shell Wheels- i think a lot of this footage was on the murdah militia wheels but also dead wheels. 58/90A Symmetric small frames” – itsNOTmyJOBman


itsNOTmyJOBman / Tay

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