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Jeffrey Rice’s video part from Late Bloom has been released and is a dope skateboarding video that you do not want to miss.

Hawaiian born but lived his whole life in Tuscon, Arizona, Rice says it would be cool to one day quit his job and live on his skateboard, ’cause working sucks “straight up, man”. You can probably find him working on some new tricks in his favourite skate-park, El Mirage in AZ.

For this Late Bloom video, Rice can be seen taking on the streets to release his full potential for this one, as he tackles a variety of rails, stairs, ledges and flatland spots to make this one a banger for you all to see!

Watch the YouTube video below:

A few Screen-grabs from the video:

Jeffrey Rice - Late Bloom - Nose Blunt Slide 600

Nose Blunt Slide

Jeffrey Rice - Late Bloom - Boardslide 11 Set

Boardslide down the 11 Set

Jeffrey Rice - Late Bloom - Ollie to Nose Bonk

Ollie to Nose Bonk off the bank

Jeffrey Rice - Late Bloom - Smith Stall

A gnarly Ollie up the bank to Smith Stall


Jeffrey Rice:

Filming and Editing by Nick Rubio:

Still Corners – Dreamhorse

Other Credits:
Activ Loop – Rider Profile information


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