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It’s all over now, baby blue!

Jeph Howard is not human. Ok, he totally is – we all know it, but don’t want to believe it. But this dude has been in the game for so long and still kills it like no other. Although, that’s not much of a surprise considering he’s been blading for over 23 years! Howard joined the Razors pro team back in 2012, and for great reason, the dude SHREDS!

Howard’s style never gets old either, you could watch his skating repeatedly and still be mesmerized each time with what you just witnessed. He also isn’t afraid of a good death-drop either! [A rail, ledge or an obstacle that if you go/fall over the other side unintentionally, chances are you get pretty hurt. AKA a danger drop]. Pure commitment.

This is definitely one of the best inline sections of the year, and absolutely one that will be remembered for the years to come. Enjoy this edit, almost 6 minutes of rollerblading mayhem!

Watch the Vimeo video below:

A few Screen-grabs from the video:


Mute grab over the Bleachers


Hurricane Sweat-Stance 180 Out


Safety Grabbed Fish-Brain


FS Royale to X-Grind


FS Back-Slide to Sign Slam 270 off


Cab 180 Top Soul 180 Out down the 22 Set


Jeph Howard

Razors Skate Co

Ground Control Frames

Filmed and edited by: Carter LeBlanc

Additional Filmers: Stephen Babcock, Josiah Blee, Derek Brown, Neil Christenson, Dustin Spengler, Pat Stevens, Jame Truitt

The Animals – Its All over Now, Baby Blue


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