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The Blees Knees

Getting some hammers in this year before doing some damage to his knee (tears and sprains in the MCL/ACL), Josiah Blee has released another dope edit for us all to enjoy. He’s no longer skating for Remz and in the video you can see him sporting some nice Razor Cults. Tomorrow (25th January) Josiah goes in for knee surgery and after he’ll be resting and rehabilitating it for around 3 months before it all gets back to normal. If you want to help support Josiah during this time, you can check out the GoFundMe page that his homies set up to help make his life a little bit easier in the mean time, which is here:

Josiah Blee is a talented dude that has been rollerblading for a long time and has a great style to watch, we all wish you a speedy and healthy recovery! Check out the sweet tricks and grind combos he has for this one.

Watch the Vimeo video below:


A few Screen-grabs from the video:

Josiah Blee Fishbrain Rocket Grabbed

Rocket-Grabbed Fishbrain down the 17-Set Handrail

Josiah Blee Fakie 180 FS Fast Slide to tap 180 out

Fakie 180 FS Fast Slide to tap the rail 180 out

Josiah Blee Ender Clip Toul Soul 180 Gap

Top Soul the kinked-rail to 180 over the rail Gap

Josiah Blee Toe Slide across Bench

Toe Slide across the Bench


Josiah Blee:

Filming by Carter LeBlanc:


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