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Jumbo: Barcelona Day 1 (episode 24)

From stair bashes and grinds to stair gaps and creative bits there is loads of street skating from the Jumbo lads in this one. Day 1 of Barcelona!

“After Winterclash, me and the boys traveled to Barcelona for a week to skate. This was day 1. It was rough. No tour guide, no real plan, just stumbling into spots. But, luckily we’re not spoiled with spots, so anything is pretty fun. I feel like you always see a lot of the same spots when people film in Barcelona, so I was excited to maybe look at some old spots with a fresh take on it. Pretty sure the first building we skated was skated by Danny Beer, so the escalator was off limits. But I’m pretty sure the gap to gutter is untapped… I dunno. It’s a safe assumption to assume that everything we touched has been thoroughly destroyed. Who knows. The next spot was basically a skatepark, which I think is a first for one of our “4 the streets” things, but that’s ok. It was a good warm up day. 0:00 Home for the week 1:27 I guess this is spot 1 3:08 Spot 2 3:54 Gutter gang 6:08 First real spot 7:03 Back to random spots 8:02 Spot 4 11:38 Outledge session 15:12 keep it together 16:09 Keeping it together 20:38 Cheers”- jumbo



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