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Jumbo – Barcelona Day 2 – Episode 25

Day 2 of the Jumbo Boys in Barcelona! High rails to drops, big gaps, sessioning a curved bridge and more! And I really liked the Cess-Slide to Fakie Wall Ride (11:00s)🔥. So much wicked skating in this, Barcelona is the place to go!

“Texas is a big state. A lot of things here are very spread out. Not a lot of cities have good public transportation so you have to drive to most places if you want to get anything done. That’s what we do when we skate, we drive from spot to spot. That is NOT what people do in Barcelona and we were ill prepared for it. The first day, we took it at our own pace, just bopped around the neighborhood and skated whatever we saw. The second day, we met up with dudes from all over the place. And we skated… and skated. and skated. I clocked as many miles on skates as I was doing when I was 14 before I had a car. Which was great, an amazing way to view the city and honestly really fun. Buuuuut… Incredibly taxing if you’re not accustomed to it. Somehow we survived and still had the energy to skate the spots. First spot was absolute ice. Not sure what that ground was made out of, but it was impossibly slick. It was also a skatepark, which is rare for us to skate. We left quickly. Lomax took us to the second spot expecting us to skate these line ledges, but as things happen we found a trampoline, a couple of gutter spots and a broken down ol’ bench to skate…” – jumbo



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