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Jumbo – Barcelona Day 4 – Episode 27

Day 4 of the Jumbo Boys in Barcelona! Also featuring Michael Kraft. The skating hasn’t stopped and the madness continues, only 1 day left and the lads are still putting out hammers!

“I think this was the hardest and worst day of the trip. That being said, it was still a good day. We had fun and all, we ventured deeper into the city, got a little lost, but the stress of everyday travel/filming hit a few of us. For an entire day of mentally and physically striking out, I’m just happy we got anything done. I was pretty gung ho on waking up early so we could do some touristy stuff after the session, but to my surprise everyone just wanted to skate. Which is fine, it’s the purpose of the trip, but I still tried to sneak in some site-seeing destinations along the way. I tried to get Zach to review some of the food (didn’t happen). I tried to skate (didn’t happen). We tried. You don’t always come through with a banger, but for this being what I consider the worst day of the trip (for reasons not pertaining to skating), I think it came out fine… Apparently this was the day my car got wrecked outside of my house while I was away. I won’t go into too much detail about that, because we’re going to drop a book about the trip after we’re done.. But yeah. We did something, at least. I’m still proud of everyone for powering through the frustration & exhaustion. Only one more day to go.” – Jumbo



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