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Jumbo – Last day in Barcelona – Episode 28

The Jumbo boys last day in Barcelona, Spain, throwing down plenty of hammers before they head back home!

“It’s the last day here and our dreams of filming a full length video (what’s that even mean anymore) are slowly fading. It turns out that it’s hard to do that in five days. But regardless, we tried. After the day we had previously, this one was welcomed. Everyone got a clip. Every spot was manageable (except that stupid bank to underbar). We keep saying “it’s the last day of the trip,” throughout the video, but really only Caleb, Heath and Mick were leaving for Amsterdam. Me, Zach and Michael were going to stay for another day or two, just to take a break from filming (still filmed though) and actually enjoy the city. I won’t rant super long in this description, because I already wrote a short book on the trip that’ll be coming soon. We’ve got a lot of stuff coming soon. I’m excited to release it all. Thanks to anyone who watches/reads these things. I appreciate everyone. Woof, I’m tired. More to come. 0:00 redemption for Mick 3:15 six stairs ate my lunch 5:36 it’s never one more time 6:12 racing to the bottom 8:10 mick wasting time at the small spot 10:04 waffles and cruising 10:21 classic bank spot 13:10 figuring it out 15:00 here we go 16:04 field goals 19:18 inspirations and frustrations 21:10 surprised we’re still skating this spot 22:27 pushing through 23:45 Chasing redemption featuring Heath Burley 25:54 uphill battles 28:06 sneaking in the last spot 30:33 escape from barcelona” – jumbo



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