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Junseong Lee 2023 Inline Skate Edit

Junseong Lee is becoming an unstoppable force on rollerblades. At just 8 years old, this little shredder is pulling off some stylish tricks with ease – and just check out the makio on the curved ledge 1:20 into the video! These clips were filmed throughout the streets of South Korea for Seoul Skaters during the Fall of 2023. You can expect some big things to come from Junseong in the future!

“23년 가을부터 시작된 서울스케이터즈의 새로운 스트릿 세션 주말마다 촬영한 영상모음 입니다. ‎@jsskate  ‎@SEOULSKATERS  ‎@Themskates   ‎@s1helmets  ‎@createoriginals ” – JSskate


Junseong Lee

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