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USD Sway Montre Livingston Pro Boot Promo

Montre Livingston never fails to impress! To kick things off in his USD Sways Pro Boot Promo, Montre smashes out a perfect Hurricane Top-Soul down a Kink Rail then fills the rest of this street video with his unique blading style, throwing down killer combo grinds down various rails, huge gaps over sidewalk spots and even a Backflip out of a street flatbank! Honestly, there’s a reason this OG has been skating around for so long and it’s definitely another boot well deserved with what Montre brings to the community!

Get watching, get inspired, go out and get skating!

“USD Sway Montre Livingston Pro Boot (710175) is out now! The all new Sway skate is the choice of many USD team members including Montre, one of the most iconic skating personalities in blade history. The Sway boot offers superior support, perfect grind abilities and great comfort, coming as standard in this model with the MYFIT Fat Boy liner. The wide soul plate is replaceable and made out of fast and long-lasting nylon material with added glass-fiber. Customize the boot with the frame of your choice from Kizer or any other UFS compatible frame brands. Add wheels and bearings of your choice to experience the smoothest grinds and biggest gaps with this stylish and simplistic aggressive skate. Just like Montre, the skate stands out and easily puts a smile on your face.

Filmed & Edited by Erick Rodriguez & 9to5media
Filmed on location in Charlotte NC, Long Beach California and Los Angeles California” – USD Skates on YouTube

USD Sway Montre Livingston Pro Boot Promo - Backflip Safety Grab
USD Sway Montre Livingston Pro Boot Promo – Backflip Safety Grab


Erick Rodriguez (9to5media)

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