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NO NAME – Eugen Enin

Eugen Enin could be another top contender for Blader of the year! Non-stop skating, all day, every day! This man is always doing some next level wizardry. Eugen is here again to blow your mind with his latest project, titled “NO NAME”. So many combo technical tricks that if you played him in a game of blade, you’re definitely going to get the L. Hammers for days, watch this now!

“NO NAME – Eugen Enin – USD Skates “After finishing my UC Alien Promo earlier this year, I felt quite some creative emptiness and had a desire for more simple tricks and spots. That’s how we came up with the name as we literally had no plan or Name for this Project. At least in the beginning. Hahaha. As usual it didn’t last long and the creative fire started burning again so I literally dipped into new and older movements of mine. I rediscovered many tricks that I used to do and fell in love with more fundamental aspects of our Sport again. And most importantly, I got humbled big time when I fell on my shoulder. It was a proper reality check and made me realize that I still need to put in good preparation and training as I used to do in my early years if I wanna keep doing this. Can’t stop won‘t stop!” – Text by Eugen Enin Songs:    • Touch in the Night     • Words 2B Heard Meets Planetary Funk A…    / neon-palm   Camera & Cut by Daniel Enin:    / borklynzoo   @BorklynZoo SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER! Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest and greatest news about Powerslide and its affiliated brands, information about upcoming events, insight into Powerslide tech, our latest products, videos and media. To subscribe, click here: *** Follow USD at:    / usdskatesofficial  #usdskates#EugenEnin#blading” – USD Skates


Eugen Enin

USD Skates

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