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Plastic Pushers are back with their forth installment!

Featuring the likes of Mozes den Blanken, Ollie Jones, Patrick Smith, Michael Witzemann, Gdansk, Kate Bedrata, Adria Saa, Jeroen Wullems, Billy Murton, Reto Burgin and friends.

With all the previous PP releases, this is another certified banger filled with hammers, technical tricks and rollerblading galore!

“Welcome to the 4th installment of Plastic Pushers. If you like what we do and want to support for the next movie:   / plasticpushers   or order some goodies at We got an interesting international group of skaters lined up for you. 0:00 Intro. 1:43 Mozes den Blanken. 4:52 Girls. 9:55 Ollie Jones. 12:50 Patrick Smith. 16:15 Barcelona. 19:58 Michael Witzemann. 24:14 Friends. 31:03 Gdansk. 35:15 Kate Bedrata. 37:49 Adria Saa. 40:39 Friends 2. 42:37 Jeroen Wullems. 46:15 Billy Murton. 50:57 Reto Burgin. 57:11 Outro…” – Plastic Pushers


Plastic Pushers

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