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Plastic Pushers Volume 2

Plastic Pushers are back again. Volume 2 includes more steezy skating from some of the Dutch (and French) cultures best aggressive rollerbladers! Every section just delivers hammers and clips that are guaranteed to get you JUICED!

You might want to get your snacks now, and your skates ready for after the video.

An hour of rollerblading for you to enjoy.

Skaters include; Dominik Wagner, Jeroen Wullems, Davy Wouda, Sjoerd Peters, Roel Fritz, Eric van Boven, Freddy White, Niels Groenendijk, Ralf van de Kerkhof, Marnix Haak, Davie Nijenbrink, Sven Boekhorst, Levi van Rijn, and more.

“Welcome to the second installment of Plastic Pushers. For this one, we got the best skaters living in the Netherlands (and a Frenchy) lined up for you. 0:00 Intro. 2:26 Dominik Wagner. 6:18 Jeroen Wullems. 10:32 Davy Wouda & Sjoerd Peters. 15:40 Friends. 18:36 Roel Fritz & his vert buddies. 21:40 The Swizz connection. 27:00 Eric van Boven. 28:13 Freddy White. 32:30 Friends 2. 36:55 Niels Groenendijk & Ralf van de Kerkhof. 40:01 Marnix Haak. 44:04 Davie Nijenbrink. 47:33 Sven Boekhorst 52:19 Levi van Rijn. 1:00:10 Outro. We had the pleasure to work with these great musicians that gave us (or made specially for the movie) their songs. Jimm Hall – hope is not lost… Siriusmo – Ego Fay Ray – Heatwave… 912 – SCRD The Homesick – Male Bonding… Slow worries – Slide Antillectual – If you are not outraged Sydney Valette – Safety net Wantigga -2 shaky feat PRVTE Love Supreme – Your mind is free Adriaan de rover – More opinions (and a rainbow) El Fatso – Strikes and gutters… DJ Hyperlink – Pushin (exclusive for PP2)… Nu Sensae – Spit gifting MECCA83 – Storm front (exclusive for PP2) DJ Hyperlink – Flowers (exclusive for PP2)… Orville Peck – Buffalo run Toad Smoke – Heat lamp… Bucket List – Darkest hour Thanks Ruud Scheerens for your dope intro font and Niels Groenendijk for animating them. Enjoy!” – Plastic Pushers


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