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Skating in WUHAN Lockdown

Rob Kellet moved to Wuhan in late 2019 with his friend Josh and had high hopes of exploring another city in China, and to spend more time with his girlfriend, everything was going well until the Coronavirus outbreak. Amongst all the mayhem they headed out into the local city for a much needed skate, Rob and Josh buckled up their skates and put on their masks before hitting the streets, with caution, to give us all a little insight on what Wuhan looks like from the inside right now. This is his 3rd CHINA TIMES VLOG and its a good one to watch!

“The city of Wuhan, China has been put into quarantine as the Chinese government tries to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV). After moving to Wuhan in late 2019 with my good friend Josh when our contract in Chongqing finished, we had high hopes of exploring another city in China (and for me to be closer to my girlfriend who has been working in Wuhan since early 2019). Everything was going well, until a few weeks ago when a new virus outbreak began. With the situation escalating quickly, the city has been put on lockdown, with all plaines and trains cancelled, and no public transport. No way in, and no way out! With the city on lockdown, and no one in sight; Josh and I decided it was safe enough to head out for a skate, in the hope to give a little insight into what the current situation in Wuhan is like. With our masks on, we venture out around our local area, skate a few spots and answer a couple of questions along the way. I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope it helps give people a realistic insight into Wuhan at this moment. P.S. we steered very clear of anyone we saw outside, and did our best to stay safe. Everything in this video was filmed on January 29th 2020.”Rob Kellet

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