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Rollerblading Awards Part 2 – SOTY – Inline Skater Of The Year 2023

The final results are in with Tom Moyse’s Blading Awards for 2023!
From Blader of the year to best trick of the year, theres a lot of sickness to witness.

“Who was the best rollerblader in 2023, who is SOTY? You nominated and voted so here are your winners. Who will take the win out of Julien Cudot and Sean Kelso? 2023 was a great year for aggressive inline skating and wizard skating across the board and it’s time to celebrate it. Grabbing some Merchandise: Join the Patreon   / tomgmoyse   Become a member:… PayPal donations and more: Pick up some Muzzle merch Thank you Patreons: Arlo – Bill Campbell – Brandon Drummond – George Amos – Jeff Metz – Joey Breslin – Johannes Jacobi – Josh Allen – Leon – Michael French – NotJulio – Placebo – Frank Stoner – Pomulo Ennit – Remi de Just – Sandro Gruenheid – Tri – Zander – Brent Bowyer – Dominik Stransky – Elliot Boyers – Geoff from Olderblading – Faction Skate Company – HJJ ALL DAY – Ian Gallais – Lukas Burgunder – Michael Baker – Patrick Desiderio – SoulGrindz Coffee – dlukewhitney – Placeboskateshop – The Stuttering Skater – Miret Pelgrom – MH_SnOwHIO In this part we will covering who landed the best trick on rollerblades, who was the best skater outside of those who are pro, who has had the best influence on the skating community and more. We will also be covering the unsung heroes, the trainers, the rollerblading videographers and photographers who capture all the action and of course best hair. We will be featuring names like Colin Kelso, Chris Farmer, Joshua Lee, Ilia Savosin, Joe Atkinson, Levi Van Rijn, Alex Broskow and more. 00:17 Rollerblading EDIT OF THE YEAR 2:01 Most eggs eaten before skating and 40 plus still trying to go AM
03:47 Most Positive Influence and Most likely to get sacked 04:41 Trick of the year 07:01 Most time spent upside down 07:15 Best Hair and Most Tricks Per Minute 09:00 Best Wizard skater 09:56 Videographer and Rollerblading website that looks most like teletext 11:00 Best Trainer and Forgotten Brand of the year 11:41 Wet packet ham – biggest idiot award 13:54 Best photographer and Biggest flop 15:25 Skater of the year 18:21 Best AM (anyone not currently on a pro team and/or making a living from rollerblading)” – Tom Moyse


Tom Moyse

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