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Rachard Johnson – Rollerblading Is The Only Drug I Need

Mike French has returned to rollerblading after a bad back injury (Blew out his L5 and S1 disks, and sciatic nerve) and Rachard Johnson is here to film the action – plus show off Mike’s skate collection. I love seeing these behind the scenes videos as it shows you how much work can really go into a trick, and on one of the attemps Mike’s whole skate falls off, with his liner still attached strongly to his foot – a true glitch in the matrix! When legends return, unbelievable things happen. ONE TRICK A DAY.

“Mike French has an ungodly amount of rollerblades in which he started collecting when he got back into rollerblading. Coming back from a crazy back injury all he wanted was to feel that high you get from landing a trick you so desperately love.. You just cant get enough of that feeling.. it was great to visit Mike and Derek even tho it was for one day.. i kept seeing his IG posts on all his set ups so i had to go see for myself shop at Shot By: Rachard Johnson / rachard.johnson” – Rachard Johnson


Rachard Johnson

Mike Johnson

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