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Siavash Sohrabi – Mazandaran Iran – 2022

Siavash Sohrabi skating around the Mazandaran province of Iran.

“greeting friends! since iv moved to the north of iran from esfahan,everything changed,im living in a small town called nowshahr by the sea currently,there is no good situation for skating the structure of nowshahr is new and has no element for grinding ,if you find it ,it has security i decided to skate whenever i go to travel,there is a local skate park called sarvskatepark at behshahr city,220 far away from nowshahr, im going there every month for skating with 1 2 of friends ,but i never leave solo sessions as you can see,i have planed to start a project with other good skaters of mashhad city for making a VOD all over the mazanadaran this year winter,stay tuned and dont forget to subscribe! Much love. Special thanks to mehran purtaram @skateissm for supporting me, camera by alireza ghasemi,jafar aghaei,sajad tajali.” – siavash sohrabi


Siavash Sohrabi

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