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Them & Brain Dead present: Future Shred Technology

Them Skates and Brain Dead featuring some of the worlds best inline skaters! Jon Julio has put together a powerhouse of a skate team and Them are really paving the way for blading recently. The tricks in this one are creative and not to mention stone cold sick!

Sean Darst, Alex Broskow, Sean Kelso, Kayla Dizon, Jon Julio, Pat Ridder, Parker Richardson & Marius Gaile are the athletes for this 17 minute treasure of a video.

The new stars and OG’s coming together to create something awesome: Future Shred Tech.

Get Stoked. Go Blading. ✌️

“Starring: Sean Darst Alex Broskow Sean Kelso Kayla Dizon Jon Julio Pat Ridder Parker Richardson & Marius Gaile Edit – Gregory Preston Filmed by – Gregory Preston Taylor Kobryn Ivan Narez Special Thanks to Jon Julio & Kyle Ng for making this happen. Music by: Antiheros – Tu Sufrimiento Duster – Echo, Bravo & options – Could have been Timecop – Smooth Criminals Martin Dupont – Take a Look Peeled – Tu Sufrimiento (cover) Don Martin Three – Transitor”
Brain Dead


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Them Skates

Brain Dead

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