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THEM SKATES presents, “SHUTUP MARKUS” a 12 minute rollerblading video filled with street skating bangers!

BEAST video part featuring; Markus Gaile, Alex Broskow, Sean Darst, Soichiro Kanashima, Drew Nemiroski, Danny Beer, Lien Ta Cheng, Collin Martin, Soil Thornton, Travis Rhodes, John Vossoughi, Mike Torres, Parker Richardson, Christian Delfino. Camera: Gregory Preston, Markus Gaile, Danny Beer, Mike Torres. Photos: Christian Delfino, and Parker Richardson!

Them skates really knows how to put an edit together and show off a bit of what bladings all about. Getting creative, throwing down hammers and having fun along the way!

THEM SKATES presents - SHUTUP MARKUS - John Vossoughi with a Safety Grabbed Top Fishie 180 Out
John Vossoughi with a Safety-Grabbed Top Fishie (Fishbrain) to 180 Out


Them Skates

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