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USD Shadow Eugen Enin Pro skates – Speaking Specs

With the release of Eugen Enins new signature Pro Skates, comes a video from the man himself talking all about the latest design specifications that his USD Shadows have to offer.

Mr Enin has a history with skating Xsjados and never imagined the moves he could do nowadays from when he first started skating. It all started with Xsjados and Eugen says that having these new skates blends together a Nostalgic and also a refreshing appeal to him at the same time.

Not many people are a fan of the new design but we don’t have any complaints on our end.

Great skate from a great skater!

“Eugen finally talks about his new USD Shadow Pro skate! He goes into detail about all the new features, showing you some tips on how to adjust the skates and explains the development of the new ankle flap. And he shows never seen before early sample flaps!…

USD Shadow Eugen Enin skates – Speaking Specs – 710154 One of the most exciting, innovative aggressive skaters needs a skate to match his unique, adventurous skating style. Say hello to the USD Shadow Eugen Enin Pro. “Riding on Shadows is actually like coming full circle in my skating career since Xsjado was such a huge part of my Childhood. They were the first skate I started to skate Street in, doing my first handrail, learning all the tech-dance switch-ups that I’m now known for – it all started with Xsjado skates. And now I can use them from a totally different perspective and do moves I would have never imagined back then. It feels nostalgic and refreshing at the same time to be back on my USD Shadows.” – Eugen Enin

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