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Whats Brewing – Exeter Episode 5

Episode 5 of Whats Brewing by Mark Worner and Billy Murton (Duke Nugen) is out now and this time the lads take a trip to Exeter and meet up with Matt Woods, Niko Salaman, Matt Smith, James Rendell, Dan Glover, and Andrew Speed to do some top notch street skating in the local area!

“Welcome back to another episode of Whats Brewing this time down in Exeter Devon another wet day but still managed a few spots this feature’s Matt Woods, Niko Salaman, Billy Murton, Matt Smith, James Rendell, Dan Glover, Andrew Speed. had a little glitch at the start with the microphone the lads will clearly explain what went on. we went to the university of Exeter and got one spot in before we got escorted of the campus followed back to our cars. Spot 1 Longshot 00:30 Spot 1 Fisheye 05:53 Spot 2 Exeter University 11:09 Spot 2 Kicked off 15:01 Spot 3 Metal bench 15:50 Spot 4 Wooden bench 17:49 Outro 19:28” – Mark Worner


Mark Worner

Duke Nugen

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