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Xavi Eguino – USD Aeon Crofts IV Promo

Xavi Eguino tests out the new USD Aeon Sam Crofts IV (4) in a sunny skateprk in Barcelona! Filmed & Edited by Rafael López Maldonado.… Xavi Eguino – USD Aeon Crofts IV Promo “For my fourth Pro Aeon from USD, I wanted to create a simplified classic aeon aesthetic, but with the latest high spec features. Starting with removing the skin and selecting a timeless USD cream colour in homage to skates such as the Fredrick, Arlo and All-Star team Thrones of the past. Working with the MyFit design team I created a new pro liner in the silhouette of the latest MyFit Prime liners. I selected these for maximum support and responsiveness, but with an added recall innersole for that instant out-the-box comfort. As usual, I removed the 45-degree straps and added extra high-quality waxed laces. I rounded the skate off with my ‘Le Planet Sauvage’ pro wheels from Undercover’s Blockbuster range and Wicked ABEC 9 bearings.” – Sam Crofts Filmed & Edited by Rafael López Maldonado –   / rlm_filmmaker …” – USD Skates


USD Skates

Xavi Eguino

Rafael López Maldonado

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