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Battling the cold days!

We’ve all been there. Those cold winter days where there is finally a dry spot, after all the rain, to go out and have a session, just to get the blood pumping again! That’s exactly what Alex Sams did for this little chiller rollerblading video over in Nashville.

Some nice editing, some cool tricks, and a soothing track give this one a nice wintery vibe that’s worth the watch.

Watch the YouTube video below:

We can’t wait for summer to come back either, Alex!

A few Screen-grabs from the video:

Alex Sams - Top Soul

Top Soul on the Hand Rail

Alex Sams - Soul to Mute Drop

Soul Grind to Mute Grab drop off the container!

Alex Sams - X-Grind

X-Grind across the Steel Wire Rope


Alex Sams:


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