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Austin Cooper – A Little Bit of Rain

Austin Cooper makes a splash in his latest section for USD Skates, A Little Bit of Rain.

Hitting up spots across Seattle and LA, Austin embraces the concrete environments with some lavish moves. Phillips 66 down a street drop, neg-makio switch ups and lots of spin combos, he has tricks on lock.

Unfortunately he is currently undergoing a four month ankle rehabilitation treatment. If you wish you can donate to via his GoFund to help with his medical expenses here:

“Austin Coopers latest part for USD, shot across Seattle and LA. Unfortunately filming was cut short for this project as Austin’s on-going ankle issue worsened. He is now currently undergoing a four month ankle rehabilitation treatment, for which you can donate to via his GoFund me in the below link to help with these medical expenses. We hope to see Austin back on his blades as soon as possible…After the rain comes sun. Shot on location in Seattle and Los Angeles Filmed by Joey Lunger, Dennis Lopez, Alex Broskow, Jake Dotson, and Jordan Taylor Edited by Austin Cooper Austin is skating the USD Aeon XXI. Back in black for 2021, it’s the USD Aeon 60 XXI. The Aeon is one of the most capable, innovative aggressive skates to hit the market…ever, and now it’s back with a sleek, dark style and the performance you expect from a legendary aggressive skate. The USD Aeon 60 XXI has a unibody design that incorporates that boot and frame into a single piece, reducing weight and giving skaters a low center of gravity that provides superb stability, control, and power transfer. This high-performance aggressive skate has a wide soul plate and a massive H-Block area that gives you all the tools you need to push your limits and discover what you’re really capable of. For 2021 USD Aeon 60 XXI now has a reworked MYFIT liner with improved comfort and helps improve control. The skate also has a new thicker shock absorber that provides excellent cushioning. Get big airs, land big gaps, and wear a big smile the whole time. This impressive aggressive skate is ready for the skatepark, ready for the street, and ready to provide excellent performance. Complete with all-new 60mm UNDERCOVER Apex wheels with aluminum cores and a new Ultra-High Rebound compound accompanied by smooth WICKED bearings, this is a premium aggressive skate that’s ready to help you reach your full potential on inline skates. #usdskates #usdaeon #aeonXXI” – USD Skates.


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Austin Cooper

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