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Delfon Duo was The Cayenne Project’s second full length rollerblading film, recorded by Karsten Boysen and Benjamin Büttner and filmed in Greece 2016. This well crafted VOD features some of the best rollerbladers in the game throwing down some sweet maneuvers, these mad men are; Scott Quinn, Carson Starnes, Chris Farmer, Josh Glowicki, Joe Atkinson, David Sizemore, Dominik Wagner, Chris Smith, and Richie Eisler.

Presented by Loco Skates; the Cayenne Project Presents: DELFON DIO.

“The Cayenne Project’s second full-length video, Delfon Dio was shot in the Autumn of 2016 on location in beautiful Greece, and released in the Spring of 2017. ̶ A film by Karsten Boysen & Benjamin Büttner.”

Supporting Brands:
Powerskate | https://www.powerskate.eu
Blackjack Project | https://www.tbjp.de
DEAD Wheels | https://www.bladingisdead.com
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Go Project | https://goblading.com
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Intuition | https://www.intuitionskate.com

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