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London Streets with Shields

Ollie Shields has come through with some cool clips for Cult Crew BMX. While hitting up the streets of London for his latest video part promoting his new signature Cult frame in a Trans-Red colourway, Shields can be seen pedaling through the English streets busting spots. Long Manuals to 180s down stair-sets, rad Rail-Rolls, speedy Ice Pick grinds on sloped hand-rails and more, Shields tackles the terrain for this one!

Watch the YouTube video below:

A few Screen-grabs from the video:

Ollie Shields Over Toothpick grind BMX

Over-Toothpick grind

Ollie Shields - Manual 180 Stair Set BMX

Manual 180 down the Stair-set

Ollie Shields - Rail Roll drop down to Barspin off BMX

Rail-Roll drop down to Barspin off

Ollie Shields - Icepick grind down the 16 set handrail BMX

Icepick grind down the 16 set handrail


Ollie Shields:

Cult Crew:

Toby Goodyear –
Veesh –

Crime & the City Solution – Keepsake


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