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find your feet

Find your feet is skateboarding video brought to you by Riley Detar and it features a lot of talent in this (and a lot of security guard beef)😂!

Featuring; Aidan Suncire, Nick Lim, Ezra Snyder, Joaquin Palacio, Tanner Mitchell, Devyn Flanner, Marley Lachapelle, Lukas Wong, Haesung Jang, Joseph Cruz, Riley Detar, Jack Springer, Brett Badger, Ryan Brandt, Teekay Vega, Bryshawn English, David Wallace, Damitry Reed, Damonte Tillman, Connor Demko, Sam Fitzsimmons, and Drew Nguyen.

“Aidan Suncire Nick Lim Ezra Snyder Joaquin Palacio Tanner Mitchell Devyn Flanner Marley Lachapelle Lukas Wong Haesung Jang Joseph Cruz Me (Riley Detar) Jack Springer Brett Badger Ryan Brandt Teekay Vega Bryshawn English David Wallace Damitry Reed Damonte Tillman Connor Demko
Sam Fitzsimmons Drew Nguyen Filmed/Edited by Riley Detar Additional filming: Dalton Palacio(1), Garren Desjardins(1), Alex Witowski(1), Lukas Wong(1), Gil Rivera(2)” – Riley Detar


Riley Detar

Nidstang – The World On Wheels. © Roll Without Limits.


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