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Big hair, Big tricks.

Those are just 4 words of many that you can use to describe this Blading beast from Brazil. Hitting up the streets of Barcelona, creatively-challenging every obstacle that gets in his way, Michael Prado showcases just how far he’s progressed since his USD days. Repping the GAWDS Franky Morales skates, nothing seems to be too big or too small for Prado as he completely destroys it in this section.

This video not only shows just how much he has improved in his skating over the years, but also the commitment he has to the sport since he was assaulted back in 2016. A little recap for those that didn’t know; In 2016 Prado was attacked at a well known skate-park in Barcelona (Guineueta), for waxing a rail. The attacker unfortunately left Prado with devastating injuries which resulted him going into a Coma. Eventually the hard work from the hospital, and the community that helped support Prado for his surgeries, finally paid off and he started to regain consciousness. (For more on that story you can check out the translated details on the reddit page here).

We can only show big love and support to this dude, and stay tuned for more gnarly projects in the future!

A few Screen-grabs from the video:


FS Fast-Slide


Hurricane (360) Top Soul


Royale Grind then gap over to big Top-Soul!


Michael Prado:



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