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Happiness and fulfillment comes from within.

These 4 dudes decided to work for a year and save up $10,000 each to go on a trip that would last 7 months and have the time of the lives. The places they visited were; Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Italy, Laos, Mexico, Nepal, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, US, The Vatican, and Vietnam.

Since then they’ve built a business AND a lifestyle doing what they love and encourage others to be positive and to achieve your goals – whatever they may be. The best part about it is that they had no external help, or rich parents to fall back on or support them financially, they just decided what they wanted to do – and went for it!

High On Life - Friends

Chilling with the homies.

These guys know how to live life! They decided to compile this video into JUST 3 minutes after 3 years of travel and tell us that you should live life only the way that you want to live it. No one’s controlling you and if you want something then you should go get it, if you want to do something, then you should go and do it. “If you can, you should!” 😉

Speech excerpt from the featured video:

What does it feel like to be present? To be here in the now, and fully experiencing this moment. Free from any weight of the past, or any anticipation of the future. Just free. Free to realise only you can control how you feel, about anything, free to see things for what they really are, and free to give your time and energy to what really matters? Accept the fact that everything that makes up your world is there because you attracted it with your own thoughts. Realise that you can control your thoughts, and emotions. There’s no big secret – just choose to think better feeling thoughts. Listen to your emotions and choose to feel good. You can decide to be in a place with attraction and abundance. What do you want to do in your life? What makes you tick? What makes you feel awe? Don’t be misled into thinking you’re supposed to do anything. You are supposed to do only what you choose to do. Follow your bliss. Stop looking for reasons why you can’t and look for reasons why you can – and if you can, you should.”


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