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King Of Cleveland 2021

The King of Cleveland 2021 kicked off this year. I’ve found some video edits from filmers that attended this years event. Great blading all around!

Skaters include; Tri-Tri Rudolf; Ryan Parker; Adam Bazydlo; Philip Moore; Cody Reffner; Danail Gantchev; Scott Hatton; Luke Naylor; Brad Magnuson; Yandriel Silverio; Luke Rappa; Brian Bruno; Austin Loomis; Jimmy Spetz; Hayden Ball; Brad Anthony; Peezy; Nick Doherty; Koda Hult; Happy Tooth and more!

Final Results:

  1. 👑 Ryan Parker ($2500) IG: @rk.parker
  2. Adam Bazydlo ($1000) IG: @adambazydlo
  3. Philip Moore ($400) IG: @baphomets_lilbrother
  4. Brad Magnuson ($200): @bmag1985
  5. Yandriel Silverio ($100): @angstyteencrying
  6. Peezy ($75): @banzai_peezy
  7. Hayden Ball ($50): @haydenball85
  8. Nick Doherty ($40): @dicknoherty
  9. Brad Anthony ($30): @bradanthony
  10. Luke Rappa ($20): @raptarr

BEST TRICK: Ryan Parker

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Aaron Schultz Raw Clips Edit;

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Aaron Schultz King of Cleveland 2021 Edit;

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Matthew Plasencia King of Cleveland 2021 Edit;

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Hawke Trackler’s King of Cleveland – The Final Crown Edit;

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