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Razors Skate Co. and Justin Barr teamed up together to produce a new range of skater designed clothing.

“Collaborated with Razors to start a new series of shirts designed by rollerblading artists. I came up with the ‘Rasoirs’ (razor in french) pocket tee. It’s inspired by vintage French posters for things like biscuits and champagne while still taking place in the alternate moon universe that exists in my head where things don’t quite work the same way. Anyhow, was a really fun project and I’m excited to share it with you. – Justin Barr.

Justin is an impressive artist and a really rad skater, press play!

“We teamed up with long time friend and skater @themoonnews to produce the first product in a series of skater designed clothing, each launched with an edit featuring the artist’s skill on skates.

Thanks for your support and unique outlook on skating, JBarr!💪💪

Tees will begin shipping to shops next week… more info to follow #rasoirs

Edit: Geoff Phillip @geoffphillip” – Razors Skates Co.


Follow Justin Barr on IG for more sick skating!

Also be sure to check out Razors Skates for more blading content.

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